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Jeppesen University & Flight School Program

A Total Training Solution

As a flight training institution, you know that teaching the art and science of flight is challenging. Finding high-quality, affordable training materials from one trusted source shouldn't be. As the leader in aviation training and information, Jeppesen offers a total learning system customizable to your specific needs, including a dedicated Jeppesen support team to help.

For Educational Institutions

Maximize your students’ learning potential in flight and academics with the latest solutions from Jeppesen’s trusted courseware, online courses and charting.

Benefits Include:

  • School-specific Web portal for student orders
  • Online solutions supporting modern blended learning
  • Custom bundled training materials and e-books
  • Mobile charting solutions tailored to your operations
  • Bundle incentives for your students

For Flight Schools

In conjunction with your flight school, Jeppesen helps provide the definitive learning environment for students.

Benefits Include:

  • Accepted Part 61 and Part 141 syllabi and courseware
  • Online courses that stand alone or complement your training
  • Student and instructor guides utilizing the latest instructional methods
  • Pricing structure tailored for flight school business models

Avionics Training & NavData Services

Jeppesen makes it easy for your students to master Garmin G1000 avionics through an award-winning, online learning system. With Jeppesen, your students can quickly learn the operational aspects of the G1000 system through a learning environment far superior to manufacturer-provided manuals.

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Avionics Knowledge Library

Garmin G1000 Training

With Jeppesen's Garmin G1000 online training, your students will do more than learn one of the industry’s most popular avionics system, they’ll master it. Jeppesen’s G1000 online training courses are the perfect complement to any training program and the best way to keep your students learning on the ground while your instructors are in the air.

Benefits Include:

  • VFR, IFR or VFR / IFR combination training programs for any pilot
  • Every training program includes Demo, Training and Solo Modes for comprehensive instruction
  • Jeppesen’s Learning Management System (LMS) enables instructors to monitor student progress as part of the larger training program
  • Online training means your students learn at their pace, on their schedule and from anywhere in the world

Available Online Courses:

  • Garmin G1000 VFR Procedures Online Course
  • Garmin G1000 IFR Procedures Online Course
  • Custom bundled training materials and e-books
  • Garmin G1000 VFR & IFR Procedures Online Bundle
Additional GPS training courses are available through JeppDirect Americas or EMEA.

NavData Services

Your avionics systems are only as good as the electronic data behind the displays and functions. Trusted worldwide, Jeppesen NavData is recognized by pilots, instructors, corporate flight departments, airlines and nearly every major avionics manufacturer as the most current, accurate and complete electronic flight information available.

Benefits Include:

  • Airport features
  • Runway characteristics
  • Communications information
  • Waypoint features
  • Terminal approach procedure information
  • Comprehensive set of boundaries for controlled and restricted airspace
  • Obstacle features
  • Terrain

We support you with NavData for all these brands:

For more information contact our education representatives via the information at the sidebar.

Online Training

Today's students expect state-of-the-art interactive learning experiences utilizing the latest technology. With Jeppesen online training, you can offer your students truly interactive courses accessible anytime from any desktop or laptop computer with an Internet connection. Jeppesen online training is easy to use and is designed to teach the way students learn best.

Benefits Include:

  • "Building block" syllabi help guide students on exactly what to study and in what order
  • FAA sample test questions and multiple practice tests available
  • Opportunity to receive Jeppesen's Chief Instructor endorsement for the FAA written knowledge exam
  • Multiple learning strategies and realistic scenarios using audio, video, text and interactive exercises
  • Repetition-students may replay topics as many times as needed
  • Access to our Learning Management System (LMS) which tracks completions, test question-specific results helping assess in identifying student topic strengths and weaknesses

Sport Pilot Online Training

This course covers everything students need to prepare for the FAA written knowledge exam. Audio, video, animation and graphics are used to bring topics including ground school, maneuvers and flight lessons to life. The course uses real examples of both high wing and low wing sport aircraft.

Course Features:

  • Updated content written by instructors, pilots and other experts
  • Access to a Learning Management System (LMS) to track progress
  • FAA sample test questions and multiple practice tests
  • A "Building block" syllabus to help students know what to study, in what order

Private Pilot Online Training

This course is designed to help your students pass the FAA's written knowledge exam and build a foundation for a lifetime of successful flying. Jeppesen includes example questions from the FAA exam presented to students in context.

Course Features:

  • Ideal for FAR Part 141 training; easily adapted for FAR Part 61 training
  • Topics include critical thinking, single pilot resource management and aeronautical decision making

Instrument Pilot Online Training

Everything you need to know to earn your instrument rating and pass the FAA written knowledge exam is available in this online training and test preparation course. This is the ultimate learning tool using a dynamic combination of text, audio, video and graphics to make complex information simple.

Course Features:

  • Instrument segment includes a PC-based aviation training option (PCATD) and flight training device (FTD)

Commercial Pilot Online Training - Single Engine and Multi Engine

This course covers all the FAA required ground and flight content in order to be eligible to take the Commercial Pilot Single Engine Land or Multi-Engine Land check ride. The interactive course leverages the Jeppesen Flight Crew Training line to give you a professional pilot training experience.

Course Features:

  • Commercial segment includes single-engine complex and multi-engine airplane training
  • Ideal for FAR Part 141 training; easily adapted for FAR Part 61 training

Aircraft Total Training

Our Aircraft Total Training Series offers your students comprehensive training guides for the Cessna 172, Diamond DA 40 and Piper PA-44 Seminole aircraft. The system is customizable for each student's learning speed and specific to their aircraft.

Training Materials

Students Manuals and Textbooks

Intuitive organization and colorful presentation make our introductory pilot manuals an essential study aid for students in their private pilot, instrument / commercial, multi-engine, flight instructor or helicopter training.

Benefits Include:

  • Concise and complete explanations of fundamental concepts
  • Subjects build on one another from section to section
  • Key terms highlighted throughout
  • Human elements insets helps students understand the mind / body / flight connection
  • FAA question insets help students with related test questions
  • Summary checklists and review questions following each section

Jeppesen e-books

Jeppesen e-books are electronic versions of traditional textbooks and reference materials which can be viewed on computers and other devices. Jeppesen e-books are available on iOS® and Android® devices, PC or Mac®. Depending on the device you are using, Jeppesen e-books provide many additional features that traditional paper books do not offer. Learn more about Jeppesen e-books by visiting our e-books FAQ page.

Benefits Include:

  • Easy finger-swipe navigation
  • Interactive table of contents
  • Easily bookmark pages, quickly jump to valuable information and note taking ability
  • Once downloaded, no need for further Internet connectivity to read the book on your device
  • Priced lower than printed versions of books, no shipping & delivery costs
Click here to see what is available for e-books.

Student Pilot Kits

Jeppesen offers essential and definitive kits for pilots who want to take their training to the next certification level. Prepare for, and master, the written and practical FAA exams.

Kits Include:

  • Syllabus and textbook
  • Record folder
  • Practical test standards
  • Test preparation material
  • Additional helpful pilot supplies

Pilot Supplies

Jeppesen offers students a wide range of high-quality pilot supplies to make your life easier and more organized-both in the air and on the ground.

Supplies Include:

  • Pilot bags and flight cases
  • Logbooks and navigation logs
  • Navigation equipment
  • Binders, organizers, clip and kneeboards
  • Headsets


Students are entering a different aviation environment than in the past. The transition to electronic charting is well underway—and delivering significant advantages. Electronic charts not only reduce cockpit clutter, but also enhance safety with more accurate and detailed information. Through JeppView®, Mobile FliteDeck® and FliteStar®, Jeppesen offers your students the complete range of electronic charting and flight planning services, including geographical chart coverage everywhere in the world.

A Paperless Flight Charting Revolution for Your Personal iPad® or Tablet

Your students will benefit from immediate access to reliable, accurate information, improved situational and operational awareness, and an efficient and more streamlined flight process to help maintain and enhance overall flight safety.

Mobile FliteDeck: University & Flight School Pricing

Now students and instructors can use Mobile FliteDeck with special student JeppView subscriptions for Full US and country specific coverages which is only available through educational agreements.

Benefits Include:

Student JeppView

The convenience and accuracy of Jeppesen electronic charts are available to students anytime, anywhere. At home, school or in the cockpit. A JeppView subscription can be used with the JeppView software.

Airway Manual

The Airway Manual is the standard printed version of Jeppesen charts, and includes the most up-to-date enroute and terminal charts.

Benefits Include:

  • Annual subscription-based service
  • Initial subscription comprised of a complete set of current charts
  • Geographic area specific coverage selections available
  • Frequent updates sent throughout the year based on service selected

Flight Planning

Jeppesen offers your students the tools and ability to perform efficient online or computer-based flight planning.

Jeppesen MyFlitePlan Online

MyFlitePlan Online provides piston aircraft pilots with a fast, intuitive Web-based tool for assessing graphical and textual weather conditions, generates flight routes and files flight plans online from anywhere in the world in minutes.

Benefits Include:

  • Presentation of aircraft performance, weather and NOTAMs data
  • Printable flight package capability
  • Integration with MobileFlite Deck


Minimum System Requirements:

  • 1 GHz computer processor or faster
  • 1 GB memory
  • 5 GB available hard disk space
  • Microsoft Windows® XP SP3 or Vista 32-bit operating system (English Only)
  • VGA 1280 x 1024, 24-bit color display
  • Other Requirements: 600 dpi Windows-compatible printer

FliteStar is Jeppesen's PC-based flight planner that allows your students to perform flight planning on the desktop or laptop with the ability to use the Internet to download weather and file flight plans.

FliteStar VFR Version

For basic VFR trips, FliteStar VFR is the solution while still offering a robust array of features also found in the more advanced IFR version.

Benefits Include:

  • Vector chart themes
  • Low and high-altitude enroute chart emulation
  • Customizable airspace restrictions and visible chart items

FliteStar IFR Version

FliteStar IFR provides advanced features used in IFR flight planning.

Benefits Include:

  • Depict airports, VORs, enroute and terminal fixes
  • Low and high airways, restriced and special use airspace
  • FIR boundaries, terrain and geopolitical features and more
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